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THD At-Home services

THD At-Home services

As promised, Jim, the in-home sales guy, called before coming out to the house, and he also arrive exactly when promised. As far as I can tell, The Home Depot seems to book people at 3 hour intervals to try to make sure there aren’t scheduling conflicts.

He measured the windows, and then discussed pricing and the process with me. The price wasn’t a lot less than what another contractor had quoted (maybe $200 less), and I was curious as to how much the labor cost was. He said that he only had the cost of fully-installed (which I doubted immediately), but he showed me the book, & sure enough that’s the only price that they give him.

I thought I might be able to save some money if I didn’t get the screens (you have a choice of full or 1/2), so I asked how much the screens were. For some reason he was only able to give me a ballpark, & that was around $120 less per window for full screens.

I had some more questions about the windows themselves, so he took me out to his car where, sure enough, he had small windows that I could look at.

Apparently the next part of the process is having their inspector come to remeasure (measure twice cut once I guess), and he explained some other stuff about the process.

Since the price was higher than I was expecting, I decided to wait & told him that I’d call him in a few days. He gave me his card with his cell # and his office & fax numbers.

All in all a good experience.

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