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THD At-Home Services

THD At-Home Services

So Jim showed up promptly and was very apologetic for not having called me back. He simply forgot, which I understood. He also went through his called ID log, and for some reason my call did not appear, which is weird since I checked the number on his card as the little recorded voice told me what number I had reached. So either his phone fritzed out or he deleted it. Oh well.

Anyway, we went over everything (including Jim still saying that it would be 4-6 weeks and not 4 weeks as Tom said) and I was ready to sign the contracts. God I hate those darned things – they’re always in favor of the other party.  And as usual, I was prepared to write notes and initial them, and as usual, I was told I couldn’t because it would invalidate the contract.

So these were the issues:

1) There was absolutely nothing in the contract about a time frame for installation. So technically, they could take my deposit and disappear off the face of the earth, and I would have no recourse.

2) I have 3 days to cancel the deal & get my deposit back without any additional penalties, restocking fees, etc. Well that would be fine & good, but if I discover in 3 months that they still haven’t come to install my windows then I am signing something that says they can keep my money!

3) I am obligated to pay the full balance on the job after they complete installation, even if they do a crappy job. If they screw the whole thing up, I am supposed to pay them and then resolve the conflict under the 1 year workmanship warranty. Are they frigging serious?

4) The contract supersedes anything I have been told either verbally or in writing. Well, all the good stuff in my favor came in those forms, but apparently they are meaningless.

So Jim calls Tom & puts me on the phone. Tom keeps saying not to worry about it, and tells me all the stories about how they stick around and fix everything before I pay. I keep reminding him that I am signing a legal contract that says I will pay them no matter how bad the job is, and that I am also signing a legal contract that declares whatever he is telling me outside of the contract is worthless. He didn’t seem to “get it”, so I gave up and against my better judgement signed the stupid contracts.

Both Jim and Tom said that they would expedite getting the inspector dude out to do the remeasure. In fact, Tom said that he would get the guy out the following day (Friday).

As Jim was leaving, I remembered to ask about licenses and insurance. He said that each contractor is covered under a HD insurance policy in addition to having their own, and that they have an umbrella license (hope I am remembering that correctly) – he gave me a copy of the insurance information (and maybe license info – I need to check that).

The drop in grade has nothing to do with Jim, it’s just dealing with lousy contracts & my frustration with trying to explain it to Tom.

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