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THD At-Home Services

THD At-Home Services

…that I didn’t hear from the inspector to do the 2nd measurements. So much for them expediting things….

I did however, get an email last night that says I am now on “Step 2”, which gives me a project coordinator named Tammy and says that they are reviewing the sales paperwork….

Today I got 2 more emails, one of which was a customer survey (which I plan to do eventually), and the other of which said I was now on “step 3”, and that the project coordinator would call to make an appointment for the inspection. Gee, hadn’t that already been set up by Tom & Jim??????

Now that I’m blogging about this project, I am debating whether to let things follow their natural course to see what happens, or to be my usual pushy self & stay on top of things….

In any event, if I go by the 4-6 weeks time frame that Jim gave me (supposedly from when I sign the contracts), my windows should be installed between October 27th and November 9th (at the latest). Of course I have nothing in writing about this, so let’s see what happens….

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