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Needed my THD Project Paperwork

Needed my THD Project Paperwork

So somewhere along the line I realized that most of my paperwork disappeared with whoever I was dealing with at the time. So on Sunday I emailed Tammie the Project Manager & said:

Hi Tammie —

Thanks for your call the other day.

I actually am in need of something if you wouldn’t mind. I seems that I didn’t get my copy of most everything I signed during the process – that includes the original contract, the list of materials I ordered, special instructions, thyat I was satisfied at the end, etc.

So if you would please make copies of everything in my file and send them to me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving,

She replied the next day with:

You’re very welcome for the call and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving thank you! I hope yours was great as well!

I will certainly make copies for you and drop them in the overnight so that you can have them for your records. Any questions or concerns with your install just let me know. If I don’t speak with you, it was a pleasure and thank you again for your business. We hope you will consider The Home Depot again if you have any future projects in mind. Happy Holidays!

As promised, it was there on Tuesday, but like a dimwit I didn’t find it until it had been rained on all day. The good news is that the copy paper dried out without turning into a pulpy mess…

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