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So I headed back to Home Deport to check on the price of the better door, which the contractor said would be $600-650 instead of the $300-350 for the door I bought. Well….. that was a waste of time – the door is more like $900-950!

Anyway, while I was there, I asked if the estimate was back. The guy said “No”, but it had only been a few days & they don’t work over the weekend. He gave me someone’s card & told me I could call on Monday, but since I work full time it’s unlikely I will remember to do that…

I finally asked for a ball park on installing the patio door (since I already got a flat price of around $125 for installing the storm door). The answer? Around $500! OUCH!

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Today is measuring & estimating…

white_rabbit_watchIf today is 26 July, 2016, then I should be waiting at home for the door contractor to come between 10:00AM and 2:00PM…… Better yet, if it’s 2:00PM, then we should be done with measuring & estimating….

Well, Good news, the guy actually showed up when he was supposed to. He was very pleasant & seemed pretty knowledgeable. The only 2 glitches were:

  • Home Depot told him that I was replacing the front door. ***FAIL***. I am replacing the storm door. Oh well, no biggie….
  • He didn’t seem to think its a good idea to install the cheap patio door that I priced out. He said the better door is only around another $300-350, so for the install price I am paying that it would be worth it. I said that I’d go back to Home Depot & look at the better door.

When he was leaving I asked for his card, but he said that Home Depot would be calling me with the price – that makes sense….

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So far so good!

applauseWell what do you know? The contractor doing the door install called me this morning. The woman was super pleasant, and I am scheduled for my appointment next Tuesday! I think I’ll put in a placeholder post right now šŸ™‚

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Am I a glutton for punishment?

installerOK, so it’s been a while since my last experience with The Home Depot Home Services, andĀ I’ve decided to give them a try again.

This time I need a new storm door and a new slider for my family room. The guy at the doors/windows services desk was very helpful, and seemed to know their products really well, so the purchase part was pretty easy. I cheaped out on the slider and bought the American Craftsman 50 series (without blinds), and spent more on the Anderson 2500 storm door with brass hardware.

As with last time, I gave him a great big heads-up that I’d be publishing my experience, and that the last time was a train wreck, but he didn’t seem too worried. My guess is because once he sells the doors to me & writes up the order he never has to see me again….

TheĀ installer isĀ supposed to call me for an appointment to measure & give me an estimate, and the installation should be about a month later. Suspect that holding my breath may be a bad idea….

UPDATE: I just got a text message fro Home Deport that says “Txt YES to get Service Order Updates from Home Depot”, so I texted YES. Mostly just curious as to whether I’ll actually get anything or not….

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