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So let’s see… It’s been 12 days since they guy came to measure for my doors, and I haven’t heard a word from Home Depot. Not a call, and nothing from my 2 YES’s to their offer to update me by text.

So I got of my butt & drove there. Again. 2nd time. And low & behold – my estimate was there!

  • Me: “So why didn’t someone call me?”
  • HD Dude: “It must have just come in”
  • Me: “So what date is in the computer for when it cam in?”
  • HD Dude: “They don’t show that to me”

And if you believe that I have a lovely bridge in Brooklyn that I’m willing to sell you for cheap. To make matters worse, I was charged $30 for them to come out & get the secret measurements that they don’t seem to want to share with me. And the $30 can only be applied to the installation, not purchasing the doors – I know, I asked.

What’s interesting is that I noticed project folders sitting on the desk, so I guess each store must manage their own projects. This one is in Waterbury, Connecticut. What’s even more interesting is that I have a new handy man (Happiness is a great handy man!) and he said I was nuts for going to Waterbury. Maybe that’s my problem, & it’s not all Home Depots.

Anyway, here’s the breakdown on price:

  • Storm Door (without the cost of the door itself:
    • Installation: $127
    • Haul-Away (which no one ever mentioned except my handy man)) $15
  • Patio Door (Cheap one, without the cost of the door itself)
    • Installation: $469
    • Haul-Away: $35
    • Apron Board “Subsill” Threshold Build-Up: $100
    • Jamb Extension on site: $75
    • Custom exterior trim: $150
  • Total: $971
  • Total with approximate prices on doors without tax on doors or labor: $1621

So, around $1800. Seriously.

By the way, the price on the patio door doesn’t include the fact that I need to go out with a bag of sakcrete afterwards & build out a support to hold up the door. Oh goody. My handy man said he’d just stick some composite board under it. That’s why he’s getting this job and not Home Depot.

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OK, Home Depot just texted me again – “Txt YES to get Service Order Updates from Home Depot”. Well, I texted YES again – just like I did back on July 16th, and since I still haven’t gotten any updates….

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