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Am I a glutton for punishment?

installerOK, so it’s been a while since my last experience with The Home Depot Home Services, and I’ve decided to give them a try again.

This time I need a new storm door and a new slider for my family room. The guy at the doors/windows services desk was very helpful, and seemed to know their products really well, so the purchase part was pretty easy. I cheaped out on the slider and bought the American Craftsman 50 series (without blinds), and spent more on the Anderson 2500 storm door with brass hardware.

As with last time, I gave him a great big heads-up that I’d be publishing my experience, and that the last time was a train wreck, but he didn’t seem too worried. My guess is because once he sells the doors to me & writes up the order he never has to see me again….

The installer is supposed to call me for an appointment to measure & give me an estimate, and the installation should be about a month later. Suspect that holding my breath may be a bad idea….

UPDATE: I just got a text message fro Home Deport that says “Txt YES to get Service Order Updates from Home Depot”, so I texted YES. Mostly just curious as to whether I’ll actually get anything or not….

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THD At-Home Services - Can You Hear Me Now???

THD At-Home Services - Can You Hear Me Now???

So after a couple of attempts to reach Charles the New England Regional Manager, I finally got through tonight.

The first interesting thing I learned (when I explained that the replacement windows looked horrible with such a large frame around it), was that sales dude was supposed to have held up little demo corners for me to look at so that I’d see what it looked like. I didn’t even know what he was talking about.

Then I told him about pricing out replacement vs new construction windows, and how the price difference per window was $200. Well, that set him off & running, with me unable to get a word in edgewise. He went on & on about how the new construction window price didn’t include the installation labor, or the warranty. I *finally* managed to get him to slow down enough to explain that I priced out *both* windows without installation, and so that price difference should be the same, with out without the installation price on both, assuming that the markup is the same.

“Ohhhh…” – I think he got it.

So then he said “Well, what do you want to do about this? A Home Depot Gift Card”? To which I gave a resounding “NO”. Then I explained that they actually have $400 of my cash. Real money. That I worked for. On the other hand, if I get a $400 gift card (assuming a markup of 33.333% over cost, which I am guessing is on the low side), I end up buying stuff that cost them $300, and they get to pocket the remaining $100 that I overpaid. Doesn’t seem right, does it?

So he seemed reasonable about it (so far). I said that I would go check out the actual price difference and get back in touch with him. He, like everyone else at THD, is pretty nice.

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The Home Depot called back

I came home to find two messages on my machine, both about the window price. One was from Rob (the District Sales Manager), and the other was from Charles (the New England Manager of Installation Services).

Figure I’ll call Charles, as he sounds a notch higher than Rob…

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So I finally found a spare minute to email Tammie the Project Manager about getting a refund for over-payment on the windows:

Hi Tammie —

I’ve been trying to find a spare minute to email you, & TaDa! I finally found one

Thanks for mailing the project paperwork to be – it got soaked in a rainstorm while I was at work, but fortunately dried nicely

We seem to have a problem however. W/ all the rigamarole of swapping out the replacement windows for the new construction ones, it seems that I overpaid by about $200 (I don’t have the exact amount) as the new construction windows are considerably cheaper. What do I do about getting the refund?

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I have an unlisted phone number. In fact, I pay extra each month to have it. And the reason I have it is because I do not want unsolicited calls from anyone who isn’t a friend of mine, my doctor, my bank, etc. I’m also on the National Do Not Call List for the same reason.

So, that day I went to The Home Depot to check the prices of new installation vs replacement windows to see if I had been ripped off, the guy wanted my phone number in order to give me a printout of prices. I asked what they wanted my number for, & specifically told him that my number is unlisted and that I don’t want sales calls. And he told me not to worry, it’s just that that’s the way the system is set up and I can’t get the printout without the number.

I’m not a complete moron, but apparently I was enough of one to give it to him. So what happens? Sure enough I get an unsolicited call this week from someone telling me that the friggin’ windows are on sale.

Great. Now not only am I getting calls I don’t want, but now I know how badly they ripped me off!!!!!

I don’t necessarily blame the guy who was quoting me the prices, it could be he really doesn’t know what the number is used for. But no opt-out checkbox in the software???!!!

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Really unhappy with THD At-Home Services

Really unhappy with THD At-Home Services

So guess what I have found out in the meanwhile…

  1. Looks like I’m the one eating the cost in the window price difference
  2. The tax credit I was quoted by THD far exceeds what I’ll actually get

Price Difference

So if you remember from my window saga, the replacement windows looked awful when they put them in, so The Home Depot At-Home services offered to replace them with new construction windows. And when I asked about the price difference, they said “Don’t worry about it – we just want to make you happy”. Sounds like they are eating the cost, doesn’t it? Well guess what – I went to my local Home Depot, & found out that the friggin’ new construction windows that I ended up with are over $100 less expensive than the replacement windows I paid for!!!! That can’t even be legal.

Tax Credit

I feel like an idiot for not checking the status of the federal tax credit for consumer energy efficiency products, but for some stupid reason it didn’t occur to me that the sales guy would lie to me (yes, a sales guy lying – novel concept, right?). It turns out that he upsold me to a more expensive energy efficiency on the basis of the tax credit that they were giving back in 2010, at a rate of 30% up to $1500. But guess what – it’s 2011 and the credit is now 10% up to $500!!!!!


The moral of the story? Don’t believe a word any sales person tells you, especially if they work for The Home Depot.

Looks like I will be doing more battle with them. Geez, this just shouldn’t be this difficult…..

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Needed my THD Project Paperwork

Needed my THD Project Paperwork

So somewhere along the line I realized that most of my paperwork disappeared with whoever I was dealing with at the time. So on Sunday I emailed Tammie the Project Manager & said:

Hi Tammie —

Thanks for your call the other day.

I actually am in need of something if you wouldn’t mind. I seems that I didn’t get my copy of most everything I signed during the process – that includes the original contract, the list of materials I ordered, special instructions, thyat I was satisfied at the end, etc.

So if you would please make copies of everything in my file and send them to me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving,

She replied the next day with:

You’re very welcome for the call and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving thank you! I hope yours was great as well!

I will certainly make copies for you and drop them in the overnight so that you can have them for your records. Any questions or concerns with your install just let me know. If I don’t speak with you, it was a pleasure and thank you again for your business. We hope you will consider The Home Depot again if you have any future projects in mind. Happy Holidays!

As promised, it was there on Tuesday, but like a dimwit I didn’t find it until it had been rained on all day. The good news is that the copy paper dried out without turning into a pulpy mess…

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